VMI SPI 400 AV Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer




TMB Baking has had a relationship with VMI France for over two decades. There is only one company that can claim the tagline “The Mixing Company™ and only a handful that have earned the right to do so. Although VMI produces a full range of mixer styles and sizes, TMB Baking has focused more on their removable bowl, spiral models in serving industrial scale wholesale bakeries. The SPI 400AV has become the dependable mixing center, when combined with competent bowl lift and dough handling/processing equipment that lines up with their bread menu.

  • Industrial scale production of bread, Viennese pastries, pizzas
  • Hydraulic locking of mixing bowl for solid hold
  • Robust and reliable due to positively driven mixing bowl by means of a polyamide ertalon driving gear
  • Belts offer a high level of power; speed reductions are done by belts (poly V or indexed) and not by gears which require cleaning, greasing and evacuation and which are also fragile.
  • Mechanical reduction with belts and pulleys more dependable than electronic drive reductions
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