ESMACH SPI 130 – 300 A Removable Bowl Spiral Mixers




For wholesale and large retail bakeries seeking production efficiency and reduced Worker’s Comp claims from manual lifting, the Esmach SPI A line of removable bowl mixers is the right solution. TMB Baking recommends the Hybrid model of this line for gear-driven interchangeability with older (SPLA) bowl trolleys and bowl lifts. For new customers and smaller models in the range (SPI 130 A, for instance) the friction drive is a satisfactory solution.

  • Quality ESMACH design and manufacture
  • Several complementary bowl lift equipment options (See Bowl Lifts & Tilts)
  • Comes with both touch screen and manual override
  • Redesigned for improved function and style in 2013, replacing the SPLA line of ESMACH/Loiselet Removable Bowl Mixers
  • Older model ESMACH SPLA bowl trolleys are interchangeable with the SPI A Hybrid gear-driven mixer and vice versa.
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