ESMACH SPI 30 – 200 FE Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixers




Handling dough capacity of 66 lbs. (30 kilograms) to 441 lbs. (200 kilograms), the SPI FE (Fixed Bowl Electronic) line of fixed bowl mixers are the core of most retail and wholesale artisan bakeries. The mixers were redesigned to replace the Esmach/Loiselet SPL model line in 2012, to offer both improved function and style.


  • Optimum balance between the bowl rotation and the spiral arm enables an ideal flow of the kneading and is perfect for a soft and gentle handling of the dough.
  • A perfectly shaped arm rotates along the sides of the bowl and the accurate proportions among bowl, spiral arm and dividing blade, working together seamlessly towards the creation of even, soft and distinguished dough, even when only small amounts are produced.
  • Accurate speed of the bowl and spiral arm for working the kneading and its processing pattern through controlled stretches and strains, intended for a continuous and consistent handling, lead to a significant reduction of the processing time and the temperature of the dough.
  • Can operate in automatic and manual override modes.
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