Electric Deck Ovens

Electric deck ovens come in all sizes and styles. Those designed for baking bread also come with steam generators that can produce crusty, artisan-style breads on par with those that come out of ovens with natural gas, wood or thermal oil burners. Why choose an electric deck oven over gas or wood as a fuel source? When the following factors come into play:
• The baker wants to control the temperature of each individual deck and needs to be able to increase or decrease the temperature over a short time-frame to bake a wide variety of baked goods, including pastries and viennoiserie.
• The bakery does not have natural gas or propane due to supply constraints or safety concerns (shopping malls, for instance)
• The cost of electricity is equal to or lower than natural gas or propane (sometimes the case in Europe and hydro-electric rich states/areas)
• The oven is going into a restaurant, hotel or other business that has a shallow footprint, insufficient to support a gas deck oven.
TMB Baking supplies and installs/assembles a wide array of electric ovens to meet the needs of the bakeries, restaurants, hotels and grocery stores we serve.

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