TAG Elletravapor™ Hybrid Electric/Vapor Tube Gas Deck Oven


Continental Forni



With the TAG™ Elletrovapor™, the top deck is electric and the three lower decks emloy vapor tube construction. This allows for temperature and baking flexibility in the top deck for pastry, viennoiserie & bread, with traditional baking in decks 1-3 in terms of output and larger size loaves from the gas-fired section of the oven.

  • Oven can have either 8 or 12 doors
  • Baking door width of 600mm (23.6”) – either two or three doors per deck.
  • Baking chamber width 1230mm (48.4”) for 2 doors or 1850mm (72.8”) for 3 doors
  • Baking chamber depth of 1600mm (63”), 2010mm (79”), 2210mm (87”) or 2410mm (94.9”)
  • Top deck electric, with independent controls, for focus on pastry, viennoiserie & smaller breads
  • Decks 1-3 gas-fired vapor tube design, for focus on larger bread loaves and slower changes in temperature
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