Mono Harmony Modular Deck Oven





Founded in 1947 by Ayres Jones, Mono brand is synonymous with ovens, dough processing and depositing. Mono is widely known for pioneering the concept of in-store bakeries in the 1960’s. Mono is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of bakery & foodservice equipment in the UK. They are based in Swansea, South Walkes, UK and are their British craftsmanship & quality are always guaranteed.

  • Available in 1-pan, 2-pan and 3-pan width models
  • Can be stacked up to 5 decks highs
  • Independent controls for top and bottom elements
  • Single-piece, heavy sole plates for evenly distributed
    bottom heat
  • Patented Cumulus Steam Generating System
  • Choice of Classic or Eco-Touch control panels
  • Each deck separately controlled for complete flexibility
  • All decks have a generous 8” crown
  • Rapid heat recovery rate
  • Provides a gentle mellow bake each time
  • Simple damper facility
  • Each deck fits through a standard doorway to be built on site
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