Dough Tech AM315 Dough Moulder


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Dough Tech AM315 Dough Moulder for Artisan, Wholesale and Retail Bakers. This moulder is designed for high protein flour and long fermentation doughs for artisan breads. Used by many of the finest bakers in for moulding all types of breads, baguettes & rolls from ½ ounce up to over 5 lbs.  For moulding artisan breads & rolls, white & wholewheat breads, Rye & pan breads, French bread & baguettes, Subs & hotdog rolls, Hoagie & finger rolls, Challah & pretzels, Tapered rolls (with optional curved pressure plates).

  • Sanitary stainless-steel construction
  • Easy to clean open frame
  • Removable endless conveyor belt, FDA approved
  • Removable to covers for easy access to rollers
  • Integrated infeed roller safety

Elecrical: 1 Ph / 120/230V / 60Hz

Belt: FDA approved

Safety System: Infeed guard bar with automatic shut off

Pressure Plates: 1 per machine (specify size)

Shipping Weight: Approx. 650 lbs.

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