Rondo – Economat STM 5303 Table Model sheeter




STM 5303 Table model conveyor belt width: 18.7” table overall length: 61”.  The Econom sheets dough gently and precisely and only uses a minimum of space. With its 19.7” (500mm) working width, it is the ideal dough sheeter for narrow areas, for example in hotels, restaurants, pizza shops, canteen kitchens, and artisanal bakeries and confectioners. 

  • Conveyor belt width: 18.7”
  • Table overall length: 61”
  • End-thickness stop makes it easy for you to set the desired final thickness precisely.
  • Consistent final thicknesses of the dough bands
  • Uniform product size and weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth surfaces
  • End-thickness stop integrated in the housing
  • Scrapers can be fitted and removed without tools
  • Plastic conveyor belts (optional)
  • Operating elements and controls are easy to reach
  • Ergonomically shaped roller adjustment lever
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