Bloemhof – Simplex Sheeter Moulder Line




While Bloemhof is known for their moulders, they offer some combination sheeter-moulders, production sheeters and rollers in their Simplex line that provide solid performance to the baker in a small footprint. This equipment is well suited for sheeting or rolling and moulding a wide variety of dough.

The Simplex 4-24 gives you the best of sheeting & moulding. This combination machine is ideal for the busy retail or in-store bakery. The heavy duty design is simple to use and is the most reliable machine in it’s class. Traditional Sheeter/Moulder combinations are the workhorse of the retail and supermarket bakery. Sheet delicate pasty dough one minute, switch to moulding and make hundreds of loaves effortlessly. Several models with additional features are available.

See PDF’s for detailed features on the Bloemhof Simplex 4-24 Sheeter Moulder Line.

  • Simplex 4-24 Sheeter Moulder
  • Simplex 4-24 BL2 Dual Bolillo Sheeter/Moulder
  • Simplex 4-24-5 Long Sheeter/Moulder
  • Simplex 4-24TRA Cross Grain Sheeter Moulder
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