Rondo – Compas HD High Performance Dough Sheeter




There is a very good reason why the name of the Compas is followed by the abbreviation HD for «heavy duty». The machine features particularly high performance and is built for continuous use. Its record-breaking operating speed will also impress you. It is also extremely robust, very easy to operate and processes all types of dough gently and reliably into consistent dough bands and blocks.

  • Automatic width monitoring system
  • Consistent and lowest possible amount of dusting flour
  • Constant pressure due to special scraper system
  • Automatic width monitoring system
  • Programmable reeling speed
  • Variable sheeting speed
  • Perfect sheeting of all types of dough including extremely thin
  • Optimized flour dusting
  • Variable reeling speed
  • Direct feeding
  • Doughs that cannot be reeled, for example donut or scone dough, can be transferred directly to a make-up line
  • Rigid substructure with table supports
  • Moveable
  • Color touchscreen with large symbols
  • Modern menu guidance
  • Simple daily corrections
  • Program backup on USB stick
  • Programmable flour duster
  • Easy cleanup
  • Smooth surfaces made of stainless steel
  • Fold-up tables
  • Self-cleaning reversing sensor
  • Easy-to-clean scrapers
  • Quick-release belt
  • Minimum surplus flour dust due to plastic apron
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