Panirecord PRE Rectangular




A classical rectangular divider to shape dough pieces into bread rolls or French baguettes after resting.  A moulder suitable for traditional breads, with various flavors and appearance, ready to be baked thanks to interchangeable grids.  A fat press to spread butter or pastry for confectioneries.

• Non adhesive lid for less sticking and less flour dusting on the highly hydrated doughs.

• Pressure adjustment for the best compromise between dough quality and dough pressing (venting).

• Flour anti-spatter kit.

• Grid support, suitable on each side of the machine (1st standard feature, 2nd optional).

• Flour bin.

• Plastic or stainless steel grids to choose among more than 25 configurations (see the best sellers next page).

• Transfer tray for dough pieces ready to bake.

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