Fortuna – Primus 4-6 Pockets Classic Divider Rounder




The Fortuna Primus is the well-proven dough divider and rounder for quality at its best. It is the dough expert for difficult dough types with long proofing times – from soft Berliner dough to firm pretzel dough. The Fortuna Primus even processes cool doughs or dough, which tends to stick a lot, in a gentle and precise way.

  • Comfortable dough infeed through a dough hopper with 20-25 kg capacity
  • Dividing system is automatically fed only with small amounts of dough, due to the star wheels.
  • Proofing cells are perfectly preserved, thanks to the gentle dough handling of the dividing system
  • Best conditions for artisan baking in top quality
  • Dough pieces don’ t stick to the drum, even when using extremely soft dough and even without previous adding of flour
  • All machine parts have good accessibility for easy cleaning and maintenance

Optional equipment

  • Flour duster for the spreading belts
  • Adjustable number of pockets
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