Panirecord – PC Square Divider




Panirecord offers a wide range of models, including round, square and rectangular vats that will match to your divider tubs and your work flow. • Available in 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 40, 48 or 80 divisions. • In single or dual cuts. • A wide range of potential uses and even more with our Tradirecord divider-moulder and its interchangeable grids. • Large capacity vats for more productivity in a very small foot print.

Easy handling to work in good conditions

  • Single control lever activates dough pressing, dividing process, knives and vat bottoms lifting and lowering
  • One hand on the lever, the other hand on the lid handle, it’s easy and efficient
  • Worktop is height fitted for better handling of dough tubs; as the divider is not very deep, the lid handle in open position is easily accessible
  • Working dimensions are small for more space in the bakery
  • Hydraulic power unit only works when the control lever is activated, for a quiet environment
  • Four anti-spatter kit is provided (optional) and enables the recovery of the clean flour in bilateral boxes
  • Flour bin (optional) is very convenient

Easy cleaning

  • Vats and lids are in aluminium, vat bottoms in plastic and knives in stainless steel, for optimal sanitation
  • Knives are automatically released for an easy cleaning
  • Removing the side housings of the rectangular vat dividers is easy and fast, allowing for ease of cleaning the inside of the machine
    • Just loosen two quarter-turn screws with a coin and lift the housing using the recessed handle
    • Easy access inside the divider allows problem-free cleaning
    • Base plate is covered with an anti- adhesive plastic coating for an easy cleaning

Built to last

  • Vat, lid, knives holder … are in aluminium alloy, knives in stainless steel
  • Hydraulic power unit is over-sized and dependent on the activation of the control lever for durability and reduced power consumption
  • System provides salt corrosion resistance: oven-baked paint of the frame and the hydraulic jack support, plastic protection of the base plate, anti-corrosive treatment
  • Proven concept for maximum reliability, with no electronics
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