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The TMB Baking XL2 Double Rack Gas Oven is the workhorse of rack ovens, able to lift and bake a rack containing 30 or more sheet pans, baguette trays or strap pan loaf pans or two single racks of the same. Recommended for US-made, UL and CSA approved Midco burners for most domestic and some international installations.

Latest Development in Baking and Cooking Technology

  • Combines air flow management, steam generation and thermal exchange to expertly accommodate production needs.
  • Flexible design accepts many styles of rack lifts
  • Robust unitized body is constructed from 300 series stainless steel both inside and out.
  • “Cool door” with heavy-duty hinges, a built-in ventilator
  • Three piece modular construction and a rugged heat exchanger

High Capacity Steam System

  • Quick recovery and high steam generation negate the need for additional wait and excess temperature heat-up time.
  • Pulse steam is standard for roasting applications, while timed intermittent steam is standard for baking.
  • Option of a DC drive to adjust fan speed, is in the hands of the operator, with easy-to-use controls.

Durable & Efficient Heat Exchanger

  • Heavy-duty heat exchanger constructed completely of alloy 300 series stainless steel, assembled in a counter-flow pattern. This combination of metallurgy and design flow accomplishes an 85% thermal dynamic factor, lowering operational costs and giving optimum product bake development and crust quality.

Flexible Rack Lift & Rack Load

  • The cam style lifter is capable of lifting the heaviest loads in both baking and roasting capacities.
  • Lifting the rack while the door is closing and setting it down when the door is opened, allows for ease of use and low maintenance.
  • Trouble-free design eliminates the need for lifting motors and troublesome clutch devices.
  • Different carrier options are available in order to accommodate many different styles of racks. Loading weight capacity is 1,200 lbs.

Capable PLC Control & Panel Design

  • Equipped with a PLC touch sensitive control screen, allowing all operation control of the oven, including memorization of 50 recipes.
  • Also provides access to 2 additional screens: Maintenance and Alarm.
  • A PLC bypass allows complete manual operation and control over all oven features, including a manual thermostat, and steam.
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