JAC – Zip Horizonal Bagel, Baguette and Sub-roll Slicer




Zip is a very-compact table-top horizontal slicer. It allows the full or partial slicing of loaves (sandwiches, buns) lengthwise. Both the cutting height and depth of its slicing disk are adjustable. It offers unrivalled slice quality and consistency as well as high volume slicing output (up to 2,000 loaves/hour). ZIP lets you work in safety for manual slicing – a particularly tricky and dangerous task.

Works with a baguette or a roll

Safe quick, practical, effective and quiet.

  • Maximum safety
  • Rapid & varied slicing
    • Throughput of up to 2000 slices/hour
    • Variable blade settings for cutting height and depth
    • Can handle large bagels
  • Heavy duty design, stainless steel construction
  • Economical
  • Quiet operation
  • Max. loaf dimensions (Lxwxh) 23 x 4 1/4’’ x 2 3/4’’
  • Power output (in kW) 0,49
  • Net weight 77 lbs
  • Type of motor 110V single phase
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