JAC – Chute 450 Sandwich Loaf Bread Slicer




The Chute is an ingenious machine designed for the continuous slicing of sandwich loaf bread. The slicer operates on the basis of a gravity feed system (the weight of the loaves placed in the slicer creates pressure on the blades) and its feed chute is able to hold 5 to 7 identical loaves. Available with a slicing width of 45 cm and fitted with an ergonomic crumb collector. As an option, the Chute can be fitted with a foldaway bagger-blower for even greater productivity. 

  • Continuous cycle slicer, designed for cutting soft white loaves
  • Small Size – Minimum space requirement
  • Economical
  • Ergonomic – Front-loading

Max. loaf dimensions in cm (L x W x H) 44 x 16

Motor power in kW 0.49

Net weight (in kg) 230

Blade type and dimensions in mm 10 x 0.5 steel


Slice thickness in mm 11 – 18

Type of motor 230V single phase or 230V three-phase

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