Fortuna – Primus 2-Pockets Divider Rounder




The fully automatic dough divider and rounder Fortuna Primus 2 offers high performance in little space. According to the well-proven principle of the big brother Primus 4-6 quality, it delivers dough pieces for the further processing in best artisan quality. Due to its compact 2-pocket s version, the Primus 2 fits even into the smallest of bakeries. 

  • Simple one-person operation
  • Comfortable dough infeed via dough hopper of 12 kg capacity
  • No time-consuming pressing or strand moulding
  • Special dividing system, which is gentle with the dough, without squeezing or stressing it
  • Comfortable adjustment of piece weight, rounding height and rounding speed by means of a high quality touch panel
  • Produces uniform dough pieces with a perfect surface
  • For bread rolls just like handmade
  • Easy access to all machine parts for an easy cleaning and servicing

Optional equipment

  • Flour duster for the spreading belts
  • Machine on wheels
  • Fender
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