TMB Baking – Sourtank FXL 1600 Levain Processors

Description: The Sour Tank FXL 1600 was developed in the U.S. using the technology of Bertrand, the first manufacturer to develop a sour tank with dual temperature and agitation control. This processor remains the benchmark and leader for perfect control and production of liquid levain.

Manufacturer: TMB Baking and Other Baking Industry Suppliers

Location: USA



  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • 6″ Insulated tank walls
  • Pillow stainless steel jacket for cooling
  • Spiral Jacket for heating
  • S. made condensing unit remote or self-contained U.S. made heating system
  • 13″ gravity outlet on the side
  • 13″ gravity outlet at the bottom
  • S. made motor gear box dual rotation
  • Spring assisted scraper
  • All pipe connections with C-clamp
  • Hot temperature controller with dual set
  • Programming agitation time with cycle cold temperature controller mixing timer


  • Load cell scale with adding and subtracting mode
  • PLC with touchscreen
  • Self-diagnostic trouble shooting and programming by modem
  • Multi tank management
  • Pump control with load cell
  • I.P.
  • Auto Cleaning
  • Bypass pump and pipe cleaning
  • Auto water flush
  • Capacity available: 100 gal, 150 gal, 400 gal. (Larger by quotation)