Ryan – 793 Rotary Table Utility Slicer




Designed with simplicity and rugged durability in mind, the Model 793 Rotary Table Utility Slicer is a versatile machine for small to mid-sized bakeries. It has a 3-foot diameter turn table and a 5-1/2 inch wide conveyor. The 793 is available in two versions; a single-blade version (793A) for side-hinge slicing, or a dual-blade version (793B) with two opposing 12 inch blades for butterfly cutting. It is effective and economical at cutting product at up to 8,000 pieces per hour.

  • 3 foot diameter rotary table
  • USDA approved powder-coated tubular steel frame
  • Plated steel blade housings, conveyors, and guards
  • 1 HP motors on blades with brakes to stop blades within one revolution upon shut-down
  • Coded magnetic safety switches on lexan blade covers that allow operation only when covers are in place
  • 12″ circular saw blades
  • Adjustable for cut height, depth, and product width
  • Factory adjustable conveyor speed (non-vary-drive machines)
  • 3-Phase power (208 or 240 volt) 20 amp
  • 5″ casters
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