JAC – New Self, Automatic, Self-Service Slicer




The New Self is designed for Self-Service use. Now very widespread all over the world, this concept offers numerous advantages: a loaf sliced at the very last moment so that it’s always fresh, no management of sliced/unsliced loaves, and reduced labor costs. The New Self has been designed to offer perfect user-friendliness and maximum safety thanks to its locking covers. Protected by a bumper guard, it provides excellent durability.

Self-Service Frame Slicer

  • Maximum safety due to the double cover being locked during during the cutting cycle
  • Removable, ergonomic crumb collector
  • Automatic cutting cycle for simplicity of use
  • Easy users guide
  • Front bumper to protect the machine

Max. loaf dimensions in cm (L x W x H) 44 x 31 x 16 (New Self)      44 x 30 x 16 (New Self 450)

Motor power in kW 0.49 1.1

Net weight (in kg) 210 (New Self)           220 (New Self 450)

Blade type and dimensions in mm Steel 13 x 0.5 (New Self)        13 x 0.5, Tefl on-coated (New Self 450)

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