Contemar – Bulk Flexible, Interior Silo Systems


Contemar Silo Systems, Inc.


Description: TMB has had a long and successful track record partnering with Contemar Silo Systems Inc. in providing innovative ingredient automation solutions for the food and baking industry. Their product line includes dry ingredient storage and handling systems that utilize Krause Flexible Fabric Silos as well as various types of welded metal silos. Krause Flexible Fabric Silos offer many unique benefits for the indoor storage of bulk flour and bulk sugar in addition to numerous other dry bulk materials. They also supply minor/micro ingredient systems, bulk bag unloading and transfer systems, liquid handling and metering systems as well as supplying various pneumatic conveying components and optional system accessories.

Manufacturer: Contemar Silo Systems, Inc.

Location: Canada

  • Fast, accurate and fully automated systems that are simple to operate
  • Cost savings from bulk ingredient purchasing
  • Reduction of physical lifting and the potential of employee injury
  • More efficient production methods that reduce production costs
  • Improved consistency of finished products
  • Reduction in labor requirements
  • Improved space utilization in both warehouse storage and production areas
  • Reduction of ingredient bags and containers requiring disposal
  • Creation of assets that add value to your business
  • Increase in your overall competitiveness
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