TMB Baking Notification for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 – COVID-19

TMB Baking Notification for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 – COVID-19

Valued TMB Baking Customers & Vendors-

We recognize the significant value of our long-standing relationship with bakeries, restaurants and other baking-centric customers, as well as our partnership with vendors (together, Essential Businesses) throughout the food service industry. Our history & dedication in serving artisan & industrial commercial bakers for over 33 years is demonstrated by our focus on supplying dependable equipment, spare parts, technical support, smallwares, baking accessories and consulting (together, Essential Products and Services) so that we can achieve mutual success. Recognizing the economic risks globally amid the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), TMB Baking is affirming our commitment to keep you informed of our service levels to you.  We are currently are open for business, though with restrictions and precautions outlined, below.

As this is a rapidly evolving situation, we are asking our global manufacturers and vendors, as well as our North American based suppliers, to actively communicate with us and to keep us apprised of any possible supply chain disruptions.  We’re working diligently with these, as well as with ocean, land and air transportation companies to minimize the impact caused by the global, COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our primary focus is two-fold: first, maintaining a healthy workplace and second, providing business continuity, as we remain dedicated to reliable supply and support to our customers.

The health and safety of our employees, customers, vendor partners and communities are our top priority. We have evaluated a local (San Francisco Bay Area) Health Order (Shelter in Place) and are monitoring CDC alerts, and widespread conditions daily, and examining every aspect of our operations including commercial, product sourcing, procurement, customer service, warehouse fulfillment, and delivery, among other key areas on which our partners and customers rely.

As questions and concerns arise as a result of COVID-19 (commonly referred to as Coronavirus), our company has recently taken several precautionary measures to provide the highest level of protection in our South San Francisco operation and for the people with whom we do business.  We have implemented Social Distancing and the strict use of hand washing, gloves and other sanitation measures to minimize the potential spread of the COVID-19.  This goes both for the employees who continue to report to work at our offices and warehouse (so that we might provide the ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS & SERVICES to the ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES (customers who continue to provide a safe food supply to consumers), as well as those who work remotely in their home offices using VPN services on laptop computers and through their phones.

TMB Baking is relying on our vendor partners to provide us with critical updates on supply levels and any potential shortages so that we can offer prompt information to our customers and take pro-active steps to prevent disruption in fulfillment of the essential products & services supplied by our company.

We are taking the appropriate steps to make certain all incoming products meet CDC guidelines for safety. Furthermore, we have instructed all employees to seek medical attention immediately if they feel unwell, and we do not allow sick employees to report for work under any circumstances.

I assure you that our TMB Baking team remains strong, diligent and companionate during these challenging times. Of utmost importance is partnering with our vendors and serving our customers with the products and services they require in order that they might provide baked goods to their customers.


Greg Warwick

CEO & General Manager


About TMB Baking

TMB Baking is a full-service supplier of commercial baking equipment, spare parts, smallwares & accessories to the artisan and industrial baking industry in North America.  For over 33 years, bakers have also relied on TMB Baking for the process and layout consulting, technical support and professional equipment installation that sets us apart from others and allows the bakers’ operations to focus on what they do best – produce and sell great products for their customers.

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