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Consulting & Bakery Layout

Making the right decisions for the layout of your bakery to create optimal flow of materials and product into, through and out of your bakery can result in the saving of time, money and headaches.  Whether starting from scratch, or revamping your existing retail or wholesale baking operation, TMB Baking and/or our affiliates are here to help.

First, we would encourage you to contact the San Francisco Baking Institute and its President and our founder, Michel Suas for consulting services provided by his company. These include:

  • Formulation Development
  • Production Scheduling
  • Employee Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bakery Research & Development
  • Quality Control Program
  • Bakery Layout & Design in CAD

All consulting services provided by SFBI/Michel Suas are at his sole discretion and are direct between you, the client, and his company.  In order to maintain confidentiality regarding your project and avoid any conflict of interest, there is no exchange of information between SFBI and TMB Baking.  It would be your choice if you later decide to share your plans directly with TMB Baking so that we might provide you with quotes on equipment.

In addition to the services provided directly by Michel/SFBI (should he be booked or unavailable to consult for you), TMB Baking also provides the following services through its employees, including Martin Boyd, VP Sales|Project Consulting, and Safa Hamzé, Professional Artisan Baker and Sales & Consulting Representative covering the Eastern US.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Bakery Design/Layout/Equipment Selection
  • Selection of the Proper Location
  • Design & Layout of the Bakery, with Existing or New Equipment in CAD System
  • Product Formulation

Consulting need not be tied to equipment purchase and we are always willing to discuss your project before you would enter into a formal commitment to consulting with TMB Baking or our affiliates.  Should you undertake consulting through TMB Baking or our affiliates, fees charged by TMB Baking or our affiliates may be reduced/offset if equipment is purchased from TMB Baking. Fees are based on the scope of the project and discount on services is commensurate with the scope of equipment purchases.  For more information, please contact Martin Boyd at (650) 589-5724 or by mobile at (415) 420-7618 or by email at

Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing through M2 Lease Funds


TMB Baking does not provide direct financing, however we have worked closely with Richard Popp of M2 Lease Funds for a number of years and our bakery customers have been very pleased with their services. Please discuss your financing needs with Martin Boyd, Vice President Business Development, if equipment lease financing might be best for you.

To download a Financing Application from M2 Lease Funds, please visit their website.