Univex SRM Planentary Mixers




Renowned for their unique variable-speed drive system, oversized transmission gears, and low cost of ownership, Univex planetary mixers range from the compact, 12-quart countertop model to the SRM80+, able to mix 80 pounds of dough at one time.

  • Variable Speed Drive: Four fixed speeds or any speed in-between
  • Change speeds without having to stop the mixer
  • Two-piece, stainless steel, dishwasher safe safety guard
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel bowl
  • #12 Power Take-Off (PTO) hub
  • Interlock switches protect operator from injury if safety guard is open or bowl is lowered
  • Low voltage protection prevents accidental start-up after power failure
  • Hardened alloy gears in transmission
  • Durable NSF approved hybrid epoxy / polyester powder coat finish
  • Cord and plug
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