Oliver – 732-N Slicer

Description: TMB Baking supports the Oliver line with spare parts and technical support.

Manufacturer: Oliver

Location: USA




  • Perfect for on-demand slicing of hard-crusted breads and soft-textured sandwich loaves
  • Small footprint- less than 24″ wide
  • Large bread capacity – up to 16′ loaves
  • Easy-to-operate, with convenient, front-mounted push button controls
  • Front-mounted bagging scoop that adjusts for smaller loaves makes for convenient bagging

Blade Advantages:

  • Uses the lowest cost replacement blades in the industry, contributing to low cost of ownership
  • Easily replaceable, independently mounted, rust-resistant blades
  • Blade replacement only takes one hour of labor, the lowest in the industry

Smooth, quiet operation with minimal vibration