Fortress – Vector Conveyor Metal Detection System

Description: TMB Baking recommends Fortress metal detection systems for bakery operations. The two most common applications are free fall (bulk, for flour application and in tandem with silo installations) and conveyor (for baked products moving to/through the packaging line). We have worked with wholesale bakery operations to implement both systems.

Manufacturer: Fortress Technology

Location: Canada



Conveyor (Finished Product)

Fortress Metal Detectors utilize a robust rectangular head to scan products transported through the aperture via a conveyor belt in food processing and packaging applications. For installation convenience and maximized system performance, Fortress offers the complete all-in-one detection solution with an integrated Vector Conveyor system.

Free Fall (Flour) – See Flour Silos and Sifters

Where bulk product is free-falling, Gravity metal detectors can be incorporated into an existing process.

The Gravity system is normally utilized for Bulk product (such as flour, rice, cereals). The product under test is gravity fed through a pipe system and travels through the detector’s aperture. Gravity systems typically include an automatic reject system to remove contaminated product from the flow. Standard detectors are available in a wide range of aperture sizes or custom with a selection of construction options including painted aluminum, stainless steel, and BSH extra-rugged casing.