Dune – Baguette Packing Line

Description: Dune is a Lyon, France specialist in bread packaging and TMB Baking works with them to focus on baguette packaging for wholesale and retail operations.  From the entry  D20 to the D60, which can pack all shapes and sizes of breads, Dune offers efficient packaging in packaging with your branding.  Let TMB Baking help to deliver a bread packaging solution that will work well for your bakery.

Manufacturer: Dune SAS

Location: France




Features vary by model.  Please explore the downloadable Specification Sheets for the model that matches up with your products and scale of production.


Specifications vary by model.  Please explore the downloadable Specifications Sheets to locate the model that best meets your needs.  TMB Baking can order equipment with electrical specifications to meet the North American market; please let us know your electrical requirements so that we can coordinate these with Dune.

D20 R_V

D21 R_V

D22 R_V

D25 R_V

D60 R_V