Bloemhof – Min-Vert Air Bagger

Description: This unique design is the perfect slicer companion and mounts easily to your slicer. Vertical design prevents bread slices from shifting and the special wings eliminate bag tearing. The next bag inflates instantly and holds it ready for your next loading. Cut your bagging costs in half and finish three times faster than manual bagging! 

Manufacturer: Bloemhof

Location: Canada




  • Three times faster than manual bagging
  • Works vertically like a common bread chute
  • Slices don’t shift during loading
  • Bag hard / soft crusted, sliced / unsliced breads
  • Next bag pops up automatically
  • Mounts directly to your slicer or bench
  • Up to 1,200 packages/hour


  • Model M 5” Wide chute, 9” minimum bag width
  • MOdel M7 7” Wide chute, 10 1/2” minimum bag width
  • Bags: Wicketed polyethylene and polypropylene bakery bags, 5” to 16” wide and up to 32” long when measured flat
  • Mounting: Adjustable mounting bracket Table mounting bracket
  • Motor: 90 cfm air blower 1.0 Amps 1 Ph / 115V / 60Hz

Mini-Vert Airbagger