VMI – VeryMix III Horizontal Mixer

Description: VMI has developed experience and expertise in vacuum mixing dedicated to the finest and the most sophisticated processes.

Specially designed for the British, American and French method of pan bread production, the Verymix III is also excellent for sponge and dough processes, and for the production of upmarket frozen buns and Viennese pastries.

Manufacturer: VMI

Location: France




  • Dough batches of 275 to 600 kg provide 1,000 -7,000 kg/h (depending on the cycle time)
  • Dosing of the ingredients in manual or automatic mode
  • Cooling of the dough thanks to the triple jacketed stainless steel bowl
  • Coolant: glycol water
  • Air circulation during mixing
  • Vacuum mixing up to -0,8 bar
  • Mixing controlled by energy input into the dough (Wh/kg)
  • Automatic dough discharging system
  • Spray nozzles for CIP cleaning