HEIN – Universal™ Annular (Vapor) Tube Gas Deck Oven

Description: When space is tight and ceilings are high, the HEIN Universal™ oven provides the greatest baking capacity and performance in a vapor tube oven. From 4 to 9 decks high, in a single or multiple ovens configuration served by the Spider Fully Automatic Loader, this oven is a wholesale bakery workhorse. Based in Luxembourg, HEIN brings 134 years of baking technology to bakeries throughout the world.


Manufacturer: Hein

Location: Luxembourg



  • Spans from four to nine decks in height
  • Delivers even heating throughout all baking chambers
  • Combines with a wide range of oven chamber width (600, 1200, 1800 and 2400mm) and depth (1600, 2000 & 2400mm) options
  • Ovens can be installed in line and served with a fully-automatic HEIN or Marden loader (see loaders)