Trima – Overhead Proofer G2

Description: 2-pocket version Products: Round, long-rolled, folded-in and flat-pressed products, e.g. hamburger, hot dog, mini-baguette.

Manufacturer: Trima

Location: Germany




  • Proofer with long roller / fold-type roller / rolling out
  • Can be combined with head machine K2
  • For products as if hand-made quality
  • Very simple and easy one-worker operation
  • Very small footprint area due to compact design
  • Optional with hole pricker
  • Delivery belt for ease of manual removal
  • Simple and quick to clean
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Machine on wheels
  • Output/Hr.
  • Minimum: 2,000 pieces/hr.
  • Maximum: 3,000 pieces/hr.