Electrolux – WT30 Undercounter Dishwasher

Description: Electrolux TMB Baking’s preferred vendor of wash ware equipment for bakery café’s. We have been working with the company for decades and recommend their equipment for durability and functionality. Let us work with you to specify the best model for your needs.

Manufacturer: Electrolux

Location: Sweden



  • Built-in booster heater sized to raise incoming 110 °F water to 180 °F for sanitizing rinse. No external booster heater required.
  • Unique temperature interlock guarantees required sanitizing temperatures thereby ensuring that NSF mandated temperatures are maintained.
  • “Wash Safe Control” LED light will supply visual control to operators that all items washed have been sanitized. “Green” light will be displayed on control panel at the end of the cycle indicating that all items have been sanitized.
  • Requires only 0.89 gallon of water per rack.
  • Maximum capacity of 30 racks per hour.
  • Can be utilized as a dishwasher and glasswasher.
  • 120 / 180 / 240 seconds automatic cycles.
  • Automatic fill of wash tank to be recirculated each wash cycle.
  • Automatic start on push button.
  • Soft start of wash pump to protect delicate items.
  • Built in detergent and rinse-aid dispensers.
  • Rinse cycle refreshes wash water and tank heat.
  • Cycle may be interrupted at any time by door opening.
  • Utilizes fresh hot water sanitizing rinse.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction.
  • Internal cavity as well as exterior panels are all 304 series stainless steel.
  • Double skin construction for quiet operation.
  • Revolving stainless steel wash/rinse arms above and below the rack.
  • Interchangeable wash/rinse arms screw out for simple clean up.
  • Primary and secondary strainers for enhanced particle filtering.
  • Height adjustable feet.
  • 1? stainless steel top can be removed if extra space in height is needed.
  • Compact size allows for built-in or freestanding installation.
  • State-of-the-art electronic controls with built-in programming, selfdiagnostics for serviceability and automatic interior rinse-down cycle.
  • Digital read-out keeps operator informed as to cycle status and temperatures.
  • Element protection from dry fire and low water.
  • Separate drain pump controls water level in the wash tank draining to a maximum height of 39?
  • Utilizes 20? by 20? racks for ease of operation (two cutlery boxes, one pegged and one flat rack included)
  • Equipped with 6-foot flexible fill and drain hoses and electric cable.
  • 1 HP single phase wash pump motor.
  • Single phase voltage, field convertible to three phase.
  • ETL Safety and Sanitation


Download Spec Sheet for full details:

Electrolux WT30 Undercounter Dishwasher