Thermal Oil Deck Ovens

Thermal Oil Ovens are relatively new to the artisan baking scene in the US market. As bakeries scale from retail, to local wholesale to regional and even national wholesale with frozen baked goods, the thermal oil deck and rack ovens becomes viable options to vapor tube and tunnel oven solutions. While the cost of acquisition and maintenance is higher than other energy & baking technologies, the consistency and automated control in baking can outweigh the cost considerations.
How do the ovens work? Thermal oil serves as a heat conducting medium for the transfer of energy between a thermal oil boiler and bakery ovens. Its properties ensure an effective transfer of heat energy while also functioning as a good accumulator of heat. Thermal oil at a temperature of 554 °F flows through the upper and lower radiators of the oven. The upper radiators directly heat the decks, whereas the lower radiators generate heat under the baking plates (stones). Due to the minimal difference between the temperatures of the oil itself and that of the decks (between 50 & 68 °F), gentle radiant heat is achieved for the best quality of the products.

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  • Kornfeil – Thermostar Thermal Oil Deck Oven

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